This Week at Sunflower

Week of 1-4-16

Welcome back to school everyone. This week at Sunflower everyone is back and getting into the swing of things.  Everyone looks rested and we are pleased to have Mrs. Millan and Mrs. Segura back looking healthy and fit.  Our blessings and hopes for a bright New Year to all in the District.  

Week 12-14-15

Sunflower sends the Warmest Greetings of the Season!!

 Best Wishes for happiness in the New Year with Holiday Blessings.

May the Spirit of the Holidays

be with you throughout the New Year !!!

Week of 11-9-15

This week at Sunflower, we all had a chance to enjoy our special Wednesday off to celebrate our country’s veterans.  We want to wish the whole district a Happy Veteran’s Day.  We are expecting to hold a Food Drive next week so we will keep you posted.  

Week of 11-2-15

I wanted to do a special thanks to Sunflower 6th grade for their toy designs in their Goldiblox Challenge. The students had to collaborate to design and engineer a toy that would work.  This challenge focuses on the mindsets of innovators.  The students not only had to learn to negotiate the design, but the materials and product and quality of production.  Then they tested it with the 3rd graders last Friday.  The conversations were mostly about how they would have to go back to the drawing board and rework the product.  It was very intense.   

We had parent conferences this week so it was very busy in ASES!! We just finished up some DAY OF THE DEAD sculptures.  Have a good weekend, see you all at the Parent Fair!

Week of 10-26-15

This week at Sunflower we have to highlight the opening of Red Ribbon Week with a morning gathering.  The students gather to pledge to be Drug Free in their lives and we release Red Balloons as a symbol of faith that we will honor our life-long pledges. Red Ribbon Week has scheduled activities all week, but the education for drug awareness is our focus.  

On Friday morning we are celebrating our annual Halloween Costume  Parade in the quad at 8:30.  Pictures will be posted later that day.

It just so happens that this week also is the culmination of a creative math/engineering design  project in our 6th grade. The project has student groups develop toys.  They have to use the 8 Characteristics of the Innovator's Mindset to be successful at this project. So mid-morning Friday, from 10:15-11:15 we are having our Third Grade go through rotations with our 6th grade at our Toy Fest Presentation.  Please Join Us!!!

 Week of October 19-23

This week at Sunflower,  the whole school and parents as well joined Tuesday morning for our second annual Unity Walk.  Everyone came dressed in orange as a sign of unity.  We were honored to have Chief Madueno speak about unity and the strength of those who stand together.  We were also honored to have Mr. Sanchez from the fire department join us to talk to the students about the importance of sticking together to form a solid community. At the sound of the police siren, everyone walked around the field to meet and talk to police and firemen , and to read the classroom posters about unity.  Our big shout out to Mrs. McAlister and her ASB for organizing the event and coming in late on Monday to decorate!!


Hi parents, 

This week at Sunflower we held our bus evacuation assembly.  Every year the district comes to talk to the children about safety on a bus.  That way when there are field trips the students know proper bus protocols.  

Also this week our ASES soccer team got to play  Hedrick on Sunflower Field, Thursday October 15.  Our Sunflower Suns took both wins and we are proud of their effort!!


This week at Sunflower, I have to say our highlight was our  PKP Launch on Monday.  We were welcoming  Sunflower’s premier scholarly group.  This year we are kicking off the program with our annual PKP scholarly get together.  We call our first scholarly meeting a launch, because this is ground zero and we are about to take off!!

We were honored to have members of the community join us for our first meeting.  We had Trustee George McFadden, Susan Newland from Martin Luther King School, Laura Esparza and Claudia Ye from Washington School, Andrea Dye from Kennedy, and several parents who became parent volunteer/participants in the activities.  Our theme for 2015-16 is Overcoming Adversity.  We will keep you all posted.