Skateboard Park Project

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The Skate Park Opened and Sunflower's Creativity shines!!

 In an initial meeting with engineers, graphic artists, teachers and students the project was explained and ideas were developed.  The purpose of the meeting was to have the students brainstorm ideas for both the possible name of the park, and a logo design that would then be built in mosaics and mounted at the front of the park.  
The sixth grade students were very receptive and worked in groups to brainstorm ideas, symbols, names, colors, materials and an overall design that would be presented to the entire team.  Over the next two weeks the community team visited the school and worked with the students, and their ideas were taken back to the City Parks and Recreation Department for approval.
Currently 5 students from three classes have been chosen to refine their ideas and resubmit them next week.  We will keep you posted on how they are progressing with this project.

Planning Meeting with finalist design group: February 26,2015 pm


Design 2
Design Group March 4, 2015